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Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

Home theater assembly suggestions



The HTD stuff is pretty similar to the JA gear. The tweeter they use is a little more like the OWI ceramic coated tweeter. The ceramic coating from OWI doesn`t sound as clear as the JA to me. And the crossovers are only 12 db as opposed to the JA`s being 18db or 24db depending on the model.

For home theater we recommend a 6 1/2″ for the wall/ceiling speakers. you`ll be using a sub for the bottom end so no need for a large wall/ceiling speaker. See here for more info on that:

As for the overall concept, read this primer on home installation:



> Name :
> Jeff Neely
> Message :
> Hi,
> Just found your web site and would like to ask a few questions. I`m getting ready to build out my basement and put in a home theatre and would also like to put in surrounds in my family room.
> A friend sent me this link to the in-wall speakers he just bought:
> https://www.htd.com/hdinsp2.html
> Was wondering what you thought might compare favorably to them from the products on your site.
> Was thinking the 3-way JA Audios looked really nice for a home theatre. I`m just starting to learn all of the things I need to know to put together a home theatre, but still feeling like I need someone to help me make the right choices…
> I`m probably also going to want to pipe my home theater audio into some ceiling speakers in the entertainment room next door and perhaps other locations. I know next to nothing about how to make this happen, so I may need to ask you more of these kinds of questions when it comes to making a purchase. Is this the kind of thing you can help with?
> For a typical home theatre, are these the speaker locations:
> – center
> – front left
> – front right
> – right
> – left
> – rear right
> – rear left
> – subwoofer
> ?
> And is it typically better to get them all matched? (aside from the sub anyway)
> One last initial question:
> What height do you typically install in-wall speakers on the wall?
> Thanks for the info and help in advance.
> -Jeff Neely
> jeffneely@hotmail.com

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