Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

Swivel tweeter on an in-ceiling speaker



It just means that the tweeter will pivot about 15 degrees in any direction.

However, we don`t recommend aiming them in any other direction than straight out. When you move the tweeter apart from the woofer, you send high frequencies one direction and mids and lows another. The result is that you get phase problems at different frequencies in different parts of the room.

This “feature” came about because of the Bose Cube system, where you could pivot the cubes in different directions. The Bose system works because inside each of those cubes are full range speakers (albeit tiny paper single cone speakers). So when you aim those, you send full range all over.



> Name :
> Paul Dannenhauer
> Message :
> Simple question: What does it mean by Swivel Tweeter on the ceiling speakers? Does that mean I can fix the direction of the sound? I`m mounting them on a 9 foot ceiling about 3 feet behind seating area in a large family room. Due to the room configuration, I dont have too many options. Would satellite speakers make more sence. I`d like to avoid them for asthestics reasons. Also, on ceiling mounts, would it make a huge difference to go from JAC6A to EXC65 that justifies the expense. Thanks!

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