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Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

Subwoofer wiring in remote rooms



Subwoofer wiring in a whole house system needs to go like this:

From the amp/receiver/selector to the volume control in the remote room; to the sub location; then up to the individual speakers in the room.

Make sure you have a sub that utilizes “speaker level” inputs/outputs as you`ll be running speaker wire the whole way, no pre-amp level.



> Name :
> henry lyngos, Henry & Company Builders (HENCO)
> Message :
> Hello;
> I am planning a music distribution system for our home. I know your recommendation is to run 4 wires (2 pr.) wire from a speaker selector to each wall volume control, and then 2 wires(1 pair) to each speaker.
> Please clarify the wire routing scheme for those rooms in which we will use a sub-woofer and 2 speakers.
> Thanks,
> Henry.

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