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InwallStore Reviews

These reviews are snippets of what people thought of interacting with our storefront, our processes, and general overall feelings of the purchasing experience. Thank you to all you customers who were nice enough to take the time for these words. Without you, we wouldn’t be us!

    • “I found the ordering and shipping process to be simple and prompt. Speakers were exactly as described and easy to install. Look great and we are well satisfied. I would definitely order from this company again.” ~Ray


    • “This surround sound set of speakers has great sound and clarity for a price way under more expensive “name brand” speakers. Installation in the ceiling was straight forward after a careful layout. Hope to enjoy them for many years to come. Will be buying another set soon when I get ready to tackle our loft area“. ~Duane B.


    • “First let me say that I am not a big fan of internet shopping. I am one of those guys that likes to “see, hear, touch” before I buy electronics. So buying from In Wall Store, was a big leap of faith for me. That being said; I can honestly say that the whole experience, from navigating the website to final installation of my speakers was great!! After initial purchase, In Wall Store kept me informed via e-mail. (The order receipt, and shipping dates etc.) I received all my speakers (packeged very well) and I eagerly opened them up as soon as possible. The instructions for installation were very clear and concise (one page, not a whole book!) and the template for cutting into the drywall. Installation was easy and once completed the speakers sound great. Thank you for providing me and my family a great product at an extremely reasonable price.” ~Omar Azmitia


    • “I had previously bought all my in wall speakers for this site. I could call, ask technical questions and get answers without waiting on hold or calling a foreign country. The quality is so good even my friend who does professional installations was surprised. Now with this easy to install volume switch I can now enjoy music on my patio. Thanks guys you are the best,” ~Rick Grimaud


    • Wow! Exceeded my expectations. Very goos speakers for my screened porch. At first glance some what large. However did look very nice once installed. InWall does a good job of doing what they say they will do…. That’s the key! Customer service was outstanding” ~Robert Center


    • “I purchased these speakers along with the angled 1A ones for a 7.1 system…( have not hooked it up yet) these speakers for my whole house system are awesome! I placed ten ceiling speakers in five rooms of a home I just recently built and I am very satisfied with this product. Yes, it was scary purchasing such a large order and becoming concern with the quality and customer service . InWall was very accommodating and the quality is there… I hear it everyday.” ~Robert Center (again!) {Thanks Robert!, Inwallstore.com}


    • “Received & installed Speakers. Better than I expected. Really, really nice sound.” ~Kevin T


    • “Awesome service and exceptional product. The customer service team here were extremely helpful in providing the right guidance to setup and equip my home theater. It is very obvious that they are not here to just sell as many speakers as they can, but to provide intelligent service and expertise to ensure you have the best experience. The Pioneer Square theater kit is absolutely brilliant, with phenomenal sound and extremely well built speakers. Highly recommended for awesome service and exceptional product. Well done!” ~RMD
    • “I came across the In Wall store on the internet & had never heard of them. The prices on there speakers & the design caught my eye. I have JBL speakers in my wall & needed another pair but didn’t want to pay as much as the JBL’s. After doing some research & reading the reviews, I decided to get the In Wall Tech 650. Love the adjustable settings & design. The sound is great. Just as good, if not better sounding then the JBL’s. A comparable speaker from another manufacturer would cost a lot more. Totally satisfied with the sound, construction, design & ease of transaction. So glad I came across The In-Wall Store. No need to look any where else. They have a complete line of all kind of speakers from different manufacturers in all price ranges. Can not beat the price, sound or quality of these speakers. If you can’t find what you are looking for at The In Wall Store, then you really don’t know what you want”. ~Anonymous Fullerton, CA


    • “Never heard this company, until my wife saw IWS.com on Pintrest. Big box stores lacked selection, snooty audio boutique wanted double the money. If you want a good sounding home theater, don’t have money to throw away, and can read a tape measure? Jump on this set up! I suggest you also add a powered subwoofer and buttered popcorn to get full theater effect. I added a 10inch powered sub for our 18×20 great room for under $300 bucks and we are very satisfied. Side note: for best sonic experience, make sure you have receiver with Dolby Digital 5.1/DTS and subwoofer output for a killer Blue-Ray crisp and booming sound. Don’t worry your old DVD and cd will sound awesome too!” ~Circuit City Alumni 87-94 Jacksonville, FL


    • “Sound quality is really nice! Exceptional build quality. I’ve had a number of audiophiles come to the house to take a listen, and these speakers have exceeded even their expectations. I would personally recommend these speakers and I would buy them again. There is no risk of getting poorly sounding speakers here from my perspective.” ~Brady W.


    • “I have bought several pairs of “in-wall” speakers over the years. I have spent 2-3 times as much money on speakers that were of a lower quality and didn’t look nearly as nice in the wall. I am very happy that i stumbled upon your website and will consider you first for such items in the future. Thank you!” ~C. Connell


    • “The price was outstanding, ease of online search for the speakers was fast and easy order and check out was very easy to use and we received our order on the day it was scheduled. YES we would use inwallstore .com again. Thanks for the quick and quality product the speckers were just as ordered.” ~James Barber


    • Wow what quality speakers I admit I was a little scared to purchase speakers from a online company. The speakers were easy to install and sounds great my man cave is complete know thanks Inwallstore!” ~Anonymous, Cypress, TX


    • “I wanted something better than speakers sitting on the floor with sound shooting below normal sitting level. I didn’t want to see any more ugly wires. I did major reviews and research to value my dollars and yet not break the bank. I found Inwallstore.com. The service, selection and quality are awesome. What other place can you purchase electronics from and have 60 day trial period to test if you like it or not! I have referred InWallStore to my family and friends, and co-workers. As a musician, I would HIGHLY recommend InWallStore for home theater speaker purchases. You will save hundreds of dollars…if not more. Love the almost trimless grill… very sleek and professional looking. Currently installing these speakers at the time of this review”. ~Stephen Doheny


    • “I looked for ceiling speakers for my new surround sound system at Best Buy, Fry’s and some internet sites. I settled on InWallStore. The speakers arrived in a few days and they were superior to anything I found at other locations and they were 1/2 the price. I’m not a “Techie” type of person so I needed lots of hand holding… which I received. Each time I called Tech Support I always had a real person answer the phone. The speakers are terrific, they were easy to install and I love the angled design that allows me to direct the sound toward the seating area. The technical support is outstanding… other internet companies could take customer service lessons from these guys.” ~Gary Smith


    • “After comparison shopping at some of the big box stores,(including one of “specialty” electronics stores here recommended by my contractor who ultimately insalled system)your selection, ease of online shopping, and pricing beat the competition hands-down. In closing, I would recommend the In Wall Store over the competition HANDS-DOWN!!” ~Christopher Scaggs


    • “This is the third set of speakers that I’ve bought from InWall and I love them. Installed them in a wooden ceiling in a small bathroom and the sound quality is amazing. Thanks for another great product.” ~Sacha


    • Very Surprised. Holy Cow! These speakers sound much better and have a wider sound dispersion than I expected. I paired them with the Yamaha RX V375 receiver. The speakers are a perfect solution for my home theater. I enjoy listening to music on them too. Thank you, InWall.” ~JFH


    • “I was very very uncomfortable about buying these speakers with NO NAME, but let me assure you if you are unsure call me anytime 205-xxx-xxxx {this guy was so nice to actually put his PHONE NUMBER in the review!} this store customer service is number 1 with me and these speakers sound better than any Bose, eclips, and boston accustics that I have ever owned and they rank way below yahama or any speaker you will buy at best buy. I love them and will buy again if I need theater sound again, there the best look no further! The gentleman that owns the company called me about a question I had,,,,,see if you get that anywere or anyplace!” ~larry clements trussville, AL


    • “Inwall has both high quality speakers and very good pricing. Service was great, delivery fast, and everything received as expected. Would definitely do business with them again.” ~Lance T.


    • “I purchased these speakers for my basement and connected them to a Yamaha receiver and Polk sub. The sound is amazingly clear and crisp. If I could just get my kids out of the basement, I would be in man-cave heaven. I’m so glad I did the research and took the leap of faith. Thank for the great speaker set”! ~Patrick Mahoney


    • I ordered these speakers because of the great reviews and I was not disappointed one bit! My friend who installed them said they were so easy to install and everything went in like butter. And best of all, was the follow up. I can tell a company that is concerned about their products and service… after the fact, that they care. I just know if I did have a problem, they would be right there to take care of it.” ~Tulita Monsees


Note to self, whenever I want to feel good about the work I do, post current reviews on the site. ~Brian Kruse, Owner, Inwallstore.com

ps: Wow! bk

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