Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003


Theater Kits

Custom inwall and in-ceiling speakers are perfect for the at home theater experience with thunderous, action packed sound packages these days from demanding movie sound tracks. Atmos Ready.


Wall Speakers

Wall speakers are typically rectangular because they are easy to mount with a small level. We see rectangular objects on walls ordinarily like calendars, light switches, windows, doors, etc.

InwallTech® TM6A --Single

Ceiling Speakers

Ceiling speakers are typically round as they are easier to mount overhead without the need to "square" them up with room edges. Also a perfect source for "gathering" rooms.

Preference P-1200 300 Watt 12 in. Powered Subwoofer with BASH®


Subwoofers are the POWER of a home theater system. These are what makes the room shake! You definitely want to get a sub for ANY home theater system.


LCR Dual Woofer

An LCR type system is the most impactful type of arrangement you can get without going with a more complicated multi-amp set up. Fast dynamic mid bass response

Presence PE-822f 8 in. Dual Voice Coil Stereo Speaker (sold as each)

Single Point Speakers

Also called "Dual Woofer" speakers. These are single speakers but take both a left AND right input. They play full range left and right stereo out of one speaker.


Center Speakers

Center speakers are the center channel in a theater array. They mount above or below the TV. This is for drawing attention back to the TV from off center seating.

Outdoor In-Wall Rotary Volume Control With Box - Gray


Speaker selectors, volume controls and any of the other parts you might need to get your project completed

Denon Home Theater Receiver


These are links to other electronics that you will need but we don't carry directly. Theater receivers, stereo receivers, subwoofers and more...

Endeavor IO-510-B

Outdoor Speakers

Take your music outside with you this spring. We carry only select models that complement our inwall/ceiling varieties so everything works together.



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