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Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

Speaker recommendations for media room



As for recommendations, we have a category for home theater kits that we think are good here.

Connections are just bare speaker wire. You can do this wall plate for a 5.1 speaker wall plate.

Optimal placement is more or less determined by what your walls give you. Basically, a set up would be center speaker above or below your viewing screen. Error on the higher side if you’re unsure. The front speakers will generally be on the same plane and height (if possible) as your center channel. Distance apart is about a 45 degree spread from your seating position.

Rear speakers have three options. These in order of best to less than ideal:

1. Side walls behind the seating pointing inward;
2. Ceiling behind the seating;
3. Rear walls pointing forward.




In the process of converting my old attached garage in to a high-end media room. I plan to strip it down to the studs so install should be breeze. The room measures 24`x21`. What speakes do you recommend? What kind inwall connections for the reciever hookup? What is optimal placement?

Joe Bertolini

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