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Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

Speaker Sizes



The difference in location is type of usage of the room. A social area where you’ll be walking around and not really stuck in one place, will like to have ceiling speakers, like kitchens, entry ways, dining rooms, etc. Placement will just be balanced in the room, usually matching to lighting fixtures. A place where you’ll typically be in one place you’ll like wall speakers, study, offices, bedroom (while listening in bed), theater rooms. These, you’ll set them at a “stereo image” and aim them at your ears to give you that “sweet spot” of music stage.

The difference in size is two fold. You need more speakers for larger areas for coverage. You need larger speakers for more volume. Think of a dive deli store with a boom box playing by the counter trying to give the place “ambiance”…you can hear it on the far end of the store, but right near it, it’s blaring. They could use more speakers, not bigger.

You’ll need larger speakers if you like to listen to your music at volumes that compete with a vacuum cleaner. Otherwise 6 1/2” versions will be fine.

Hope that gets you started.


Name : David Fisher

 Message :
I have just recently bought a house and am looking to install a speaker system within it. It is going to run in a living room, dining room, and kitchen. They are all on the same level so it makes sense. I am really worried about the kitchen which is 22′ x 12′. I have two major questions. The first is if it is better to install the speakers on the wall or in the ceiling? The second question is if it is going to be more beneficial to me to have 6.5″ or 8″ speakers or a mixing. I was originally thinking of having four speakers in the ceiling. I appreciate your help in looking into this issue. Hopefully I can find something here that will be what I need.

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