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Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

Speaker Selector from One Receiver Set Up




Usually, we recommend using a separate receiver for your Theater room and the whole house system. This way, you can watch TV or a DVD and the rest of the house can be listening to something else and vice versa.


You can hook everything up to the same receiver as long as you expect the statement above. In your case, you would get a 6 pair speaker selector. You take the front main pair of speaker wires from your Kenwood and run those to the input of the speaker selector. Then the first slot on the selector would be for your front TV room speakers and the remaining slots on the selector for the rest of the whole house system speakers.


One other operational note on using the system like this is that in order to hear something coming thru the whole house system, any surround mode needs to be turned off.



Also, when you want to watch a movie/TV and have the full effect (full power to those speakers), you would turn off all the other rooms on the selector and un-select the protection switch on the selector and choose only the first zone (front main speakers).

hello, my problem is that I have a kenwood htb-30rs system and what I want to do is put the 7 speakers around the room and I have 4 other speakers in two other rooms. what i would like to do isbe able to switch from diferent speakers when eather listening to the stereo or watching movies. furthermore there is 3-4 diferent locations for my entertainment system and i would like to have them all interconnected if possible. any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. thank you


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