Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003


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We’ve never “paid” for a “professional” review.  It really goes against all that we stand for in regards to bringing great value directly to the end user.

We’ve relied on the kindness of our own customers to create reviews and give feedback on our service and products in a variety of places.  We realize that there is a lot of cynicism with self hosted reviews so we’ve asked our customers to leave reviews on identifiable mediums such as Facebook and Amazon as well as this site.
Update: We’ve begun using reviews verification company called “CusRev”.  They will vouch for the authenticity of our customer’s orders and related reviews.

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Here are real people who were nice enough to make their story public.

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Although we sell very minimally on Amazon because of their business practices towards small biz, we did manage to get a number of reviews from verified buyers.

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  1. PD

    These speakers are incredible at this price point. Decent bass output especially considering driver size. High end is crisp without being tinny. The physical build is really nicely done. The board is neater than some computers I’ve serviced.
    Overall sound is clean and pressure levels, driven with a higher-end stereo receiver pushing only 50W per channel amply fills my 16 x 15 room at only 60% gain, show decent efficiency.

  2. BB

    I bought my Pearl system about six years ago. After spending nearly 27 years working for large electronic retailers and being only exposed to the major speaker manufacturers, I was a little skeptical that I’d be satisfied. However, I was truly amazed at this system’s overall value for the price. When I needed support for the property, Brian helped me immediately and solved the issue. It’s just a wonderful product and a wonderful company to deal with!

  3. WT

    Brian’s the best. He was patient will all my questions when I purchased 2 sets of speakers a number of years ago. Then again, when I purchased a new set for an addition to my home. I LOVE have in wall or in ceiling speakers – so elegant and efficient. In-wall speakers is a trustworthy outlet as well. Brian came through for me and got a small problem solved when needed. I can’t recommend this company highly enough!

  4. WT

    Great speakers! I’m very happy with them!

  5. A

    Very easy to install and great sound!

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