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Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

Speaker selector for inside and outside speakers



You just need a speaker selector…it sounds like a 4 pair type. You’ll hook up the selector to just the A set of speaker outputs from the Sony and then all the speakers go into the speaker selector box.

Take a look at this one for a recommendation.



>> Name :
>> gina
>> Message :
>> I have a basic sony reciever with 125w x2 and an a/b switch. The a
>> switch controls 2 indoor speakers and the b switch controls 2 outdoor
>> speakers. All speakers are 100w.
>> I want to add two more speakers outside and two more speakers inside
>> so I`ll have 4 outdoor wall mounted and 4 indoor free-standing
>> speakers. Then I want to be able to listen to:
>> 4 outdoor speakers at one time OR 4 indoor speakers at one time
>> OR listen to 2 of the outdoor speakers and 2 of the indoor speakers
>> and control the volume on the indoor speakers because I like the music
>> louder outside than inside.
>> Is this possible with my reciever and some added “little boxes” or
>> should I just buy another reciever and use one for inside and one for
>> outside (and not look foolish)or buy one better reciever and trash my
>> relatively new reciever? If two recievers would be the easiest then
>> can I hook my cd player to both at once.
>> Sorry about the silly questions, but I am “audio challanged” and am
>> too embarased to go to a store and ask these questions. Keep in mind
>> the cost, that I am the installer, yet I don`t want to look seriously
>> foolish to my friends.
>> Humbly,
>> Gina

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