Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

Enclosed speaker applications



Between the two you’re looking at the JA is a far superior product. The enclosed speakers we mainly sell for folks who need an enclosed speaker for building codes and such.

Don’t worry about building any kind of enclosure, that only makes a smaller box and the bass suffers.


>> Name :
>> Art Miller
>> Message :
>> Hi,
>> I`ve got a couple of pairs of Elan 2 x 6 1/2 in inwalls that I use for
>> non-critical listening, and I fully understand the compromises of
>> mounting in a leaky sheetrock box.
>> So, I`m looking for some reasonable speakers for my enclosed (but not
>> heated porch). I`m in NJ so the speakers will be getting a bit cold
>> in the winter, but not used in this weather if it matters.
>> Anyway, I was looking at the JA audio JA G380 or the Custom audio
>> CAP8W8. The customs are an enclosed design. Is it really a stiff
>> enough enclosure that I`ll hear a difference? I`m putting the
>> speakers in an outside wall, typical 2 x 4 studs by 8 feet, with
>> insulation. Sheetrock on one side and 3/4 plywood on the other.
>> Should I expect the enclosed custom speaker to sound any better in
>> this application?
>> Have you any experience or reccommendations with reinforcing the wall
>> space or creating an interior sealed box in the wall? I`m presently
>> having the porch built, so I could do this if practical. I`m a bit of
>> an audiophile, but my wife has dictated in-walls for this porch, or
>> I`d go with boxed speakers.
>> Thanks in advance for your help.
>> //Art

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