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Home theater receiver and speaker recommended setup



Sure. The only thing is the basic wiring of the sub. That sub needs to be wired with the front speakers inline.

So the wiring goes like this: receiver front speakers out to Bose sub to Inwall Speakers.

Take a look at this package for theater and these for ceiling speakers.



> Name :
> Chuck
> Message :
> This question relates to the mixing and matching of home theater receivers and speakers.
> I have a new home. During construction I wired for home theater surround with an additional two speakers in the dining room ceiling.
> I have a “hardley ever used” Bose home theater syatem purchased at a “Sam`s Club Store”. This system consists of a JVC “RX-6000VL” reciever and a Bose “Acoustimass 600” home speaker system (a subwoofer and 5 cube speakers).
> Can I use any of these components? Idealy, I would like to use the receiver and the subwoffer and purchase 5 new surround (in wall) speakers and two additional (in ceiling) speakers for the dining room.
> Any advice? Can you recommend what I should purchase?

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