Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

Speaker technical aspects and functionality



2. If you have a 100 watt receiver and you have 6 pairs of speakers, then each pair is getting less than 20 watts MAX. So any of our speakers are fine for these type of applications. Don’t put too much weight on their wattage rating.

3. Kevlar is a typical woofer material and titanium a tweeter material. So apples and oranges in comparison here. The Kevlar is a good material if you like to listen to loud rock. And they`re fine for normal music levels.

5. No significant differences between the stuff we carry.

8. There is a switch on the back for impedance matching or not. Good for times you only have 2 pairs of speakers selected and you don`t need the impedance matching function….you get more power.

9. Choose this in black.

11. If the chance is small then it`s fine.

12. None of the outdoor speakers are that good “fidelity wise”. The more expensive one`s do sound better, but not that much better. Your choice in how far you want to go for outside. And if you`re going for inwall`s outside then try to stick with the ones with aluminum grills (less rusting).



The Gardners wrote:
> Hi, Brian
>> Holy moly…you`d be a great events planner! Let me get started.
> Ha! Thanks! Yes, I tend to organize and research a bit. I can`t just
> buy something – I have to look at everything. It`s a blessing and a curse.
>> 1. It`s better to have more coverage than less…if you`re at all
>> worried plan for 2 pair. Don`t put them in the corners. Rather
>> balance them out like you would lighting.
> Hmm. Didn`t think of not putting them in the corners. Okay, I`ll find
> some intermediate locations for them. Two pair.
>> 2. Watts generally doesn`t matter in the grades of speakers we carry.
>> It`s just a thermal rating of how much power it can absorb over a
>> giving period of time. Also keep in mind how much you`re dividing up
>> the power throughout the total number of pairs.
> When you say keep in mind how much I`m dividing up the power, how does
> the wattage of each speaker affect or is affected by the total number of
> speakers, especially if they`re on an impedence matching selector?
>> 3. The titanium tweeter has an extended high frequency…sounds
>> better. However, that CAP6W enclosed series doesn`t sound as good as
>> the standard open backed speakers. We carry those models mainly for
>> folks who need them because of stricter building codes. Commercial
>> buildings mostly.
> Okay, this is where it gets fuzzy for me. The titanium tweeter sounds
> better – great. But I thought I read somewhere that the kevlar material
> works really well for some music. Rock?
> Here`s the deal. The Dear Husband wants to put the standing speakers
> and subwoofer in the new remodeled great room. He wants to sometimes
> crank up a song if he feels the need to. I want to not see those things
> in the public area and suggested he use those speakers and subwoofer for
> the TV room for the DVD movies and his PS2. He`s only agreeing to this
> if the in-ceiling speakers can handle the occasional “ooh, good song!”
> treatment – if ya know what I mean. (Thus the mention of possibly
> getting him a second subwoofer for the public area, to be eventually
> connected to the in-ceiling speakers, if possible.) So the kevlar, and
> I don`t remember exactly what it said, sounded like something for that
> purpose – good for rock I think it said – but if you think the titanium
> tweeter (ya know 24 hours ago this was all greek to me) would be better
> for that purpose, then let me know what you think. Obviously, for
> entertaining, I just want nice/great ambient sound.
>> 4. An 8″ speaker will sound better than 6 1/2″ at higher volumes. At
>> lower volumes they`ll sound the same. Ask yourself this…if you`re
>> going to listen at levels competing with things like the vacuum
>> cleaner and like the music on for those activities, you`ll use the
>> capabilities of an 8″. Otherwise stick with a 6 1/2″ size (we sell
>> 70% 6 1/2″ size).
> Well, this sort of relates to what I wrote above. I`ll ask him about
> his intentions tonight. I guess I can sacrifice an inch and a half of
> diameter if it lets him crank it up.
>> 5. Somewhat important but all our speakers are relatively the same
>> between 88-91 db mostly. It`s a rating of efficiency. How loud does
>> the speaker get with 1 watt inputted, measured in decibels.
> Again, if the db sensitivity aids in Dear Husband`s volume envy, let me
> know.
>> 6. Not too important because it doesn`t tell you how “good” those
>> frequencies sound. Most speakers will have ratings between 60-20000
>> hz. And by the way…all the companies lie about their ratings. No
>> ratings cops out there enforcing anything.
> Ah, kind of like the cfm ratings of kitchen range hood vents.
>> 7. Rounds vs. Rectangular = same.
> Round then.
>> 8. Resistor based is fine…pick the Phoenix Gold ISM4…it comes with
>> labels and it`s the same inside as the others.
> Could you explain when the ratings say 140 watts w/o impedence matching
> and 70 watts with impedence matching? Is that an actual selection we
> make, or does the machine decide?
>> 9. Phoenix Gold VRR120 and they come in white or ivory. If you need
>> almond go with a Speaker Craft VST45 or 60.
> I`d acutally prefer black, but……haven`t seen any.
>> 10. You can hook up that way but you`ll have much louder output on the
>> A channels with only one pair hooked in. I`d suggest a 6 zone and
>> hook all the speakers to it.
> Hmmm. Well, I probably can still stick with the 4 zone one then, eh?
> Two pair in great room, one pair outside, one pair of standing speakers
> and subwoofer in TV room. No?
>> 11. You could (and should) have two separate receivers for theater
>> and whole house audio. That way you can either listen to the same
>> thing everywhere or different things like when watching TV. You use
>> Y-adaptors on all your sources (DVD`s, VCR, Sat, CD, etc.) to each of
>> the receivers. Then they can pick which one to play independently.
> Another receiver….don`t know if that`s gonna happen. That may be
> something for the future. Any way can I put a Y adapter (if even I need
> one) on the B channel to connect the TV and the DVD to the receiver, and
> thus the large speakers and the sub? Or a Y adapter on the large
> speakers and the sub? There will be a .009999% chance that I”ll be
> listening to music in the great room while he`s watching a movie. So
> the receiver would only be used for the TV/DVD when used for the TV/DVD.
>> 12. Look at the MASMC60`s, those are a great sounding outdoor speaker
>> and they are EQ`d very well for bass…which is harder to make
>> outdoors. The also come with a bracket. JBL`s don`t. Russound do.
> Oh, DH will like the bass for dance parties. But your glossary of terms
> doesn`t have very good things to say about the propylene and the mylar
> materials – “medical offices,” “clouded.” Does the MASMC60s bass
> compensate then for the clouded music of the mylar? Also, can you tell
> me the mounted dimensions of that one? My eaves project only 13″.
> Getting back to the inside speakers: I guess we need to know if we are
> kevlar people, titanium people, or aluminum people. What about the
> ArchiTech SE790KE 6 1/2 in on special?
>> Let me know if you need anything else!
> Oh, yeah, I`m sure it won`t end here. 😛
> Sherry.
>> Brian Kruse
>> Installer
>> Inwall.com

>>> Name :
>>> Sherry Gardner
>>> Message :
>>> Hi. I`ve been on your site for a while and I like a lot of things
>>> that I see. I am hoping that you can help me narrow a few things
>>> down, and also help me not forget any “pieces” to the puzzle that I
>>> may not be aware of. We are in the middle of remodeling and would
>>> like to put in ceiling speakers inside, one pair outside on the
>>> patio, as well as maybe add a subwoofer in the future inside. We
>>> also would like to use some current standing speakers and sub on the
>>> same receiver/CD player, as well as on the TV/DVD player. Here are
>>> my questions.
>>> 1. How large a room can one pair of speakers effectively “cover”?
>>> The inside speakers will be in a room that is 22 feet by 25 feet.
>>> Can speakers be put midway down the 25-foot length, 22 feet apart?
>>> Or should I get two pairs and put them, left and right, on either
>>> side of the room, effectively installing one speaker in each corner?
>>> 2. What is the advantage of more watts in a speaker? Does watts
>>> simply mean more power? I really like the Custom Audio CAP6W 6 1/2
>>> 2-way wall speakers but they only have “30w/60w” for power.
>>> 3. I also like the Architec SC620KE 6 1/2 2-way speakers, but they
>>> have a “textile soft dome tweeter” versus the CA`s titanium tweeter.
>>> What would be the functional difference between soft dome and
>>> titanium dome?
>>> 4. I`d rather have smaller size than bigger in dimension. What
>>> advantage does an 8″ speaker have over a 6 1/2″ speaker, if I think
>>> to get the bigger one? I`ve read that sometimes the bigger speakers
>>> sound “hollow” or “tinny” but that could just be a myth.
>>> 5. What is the importance of the decible sensitivity rating? 6.
>>> What is the importance of the frequency range?
>>> 7. I really want to put these speakers in the ceiling, but if I
>>> choose, say, the Custom Audio CAP6W, can I effectively put them in
>>> the ceiling since they are enclosed speakers. (I don`t care about
>>> rectangles versus circles in the ceiling – just care about sound
>>> being affected.)
>>> 8. I will need a four-speaker speaker selector, with impedence
>>> matching. With the speakers I`m looking at, would I need the
>>> Autoformer or the Resistor type? Your SS choices did not describe
>>> each one as either type.
>>> 9. I will need, at this point, three volume controls. What do you
>>> recommend? Are they always in ivory?
>>> 10. We currently have a 20+-year Pioneer receiver. According to
>>> those who notice, they say it`s a great quality receiver. It has an
>>> A channel and a B channel. Presently we have two standing speakers
>>> and a subwoofer hooked up to the A channel. Would the speaker
>>> selector be hooked up to the B channel?
>>> 11. In the same room as the receiver and CD player is the TV and the
>>> DVD player. How would I configure what I have, and what I want to
>>> get, so as to be able to listen to the TV/DVD through the existing
>>> standing speakers and subwoofer? In short, I would like to listen to
>>> the stereo/CD player on the standing speakers and subwoofer
>>> sometimes, and then other times listen to the TV/DVD on them, as
>>> well. 12. I need also some outdoor speakers. The Russound OB4.1
>>> Outback, or the JBL N26AWII look great, but I`m not sure I need
>>> something as expensive as JBLs $219 for an area that will have the
>>> sound sort of drifting, anyway. Thanks for your patience on this. It
>>> looks like I`ve covered everything. I look forward to learning more
>>> about selecting speakers, and accessories. If it`s easier to answer
>>> this over the phone you can call me at xxx, or just email me
>>> back. Sherry Gardner

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