Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

Re: Inwall Question



In our world, an L-pad is a volume control.

If you’re doing distributed audio and you want to turn down the music in a remote room, our volume controls do that function for you.

There are also impedance matching volume controls that go a step further, you can read more about those here:



> Name :
> C. Geoff Teague
> Message :
> Dumb question, but I`ve been up all night looking for ” L-Pads ” to go into the speaker box itself. Both 8 ohm and 16 ohm. I`ve been building speaker boxes since I was old enough to stand up to my father`s table saw. I`ve built everything from home systems, ie: 15″ wooferes, JBL, EV, and some not so high end stuff. Currently I`m rebuilding my home boxes and had used some cheap RadioShack L-pads (8 ohm) which worked well enough, But I`ve just spent all night going though thier web site and others trying to find some a decent price. everybody seem to list L-pads in thier glossery telling you what they are and do, but they do not have any product. I do not like paying Altec, JBL, EV`s very high price for thiers. HELP. If you do not have these items of quality. Could you please point me to someone that does. Thank you very much. C. Geoff Teague

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