Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

InwallTech ProGold Series vs High Definition Series




Great question! But there are a couple of parts in this question that gives rise to other questions. Some other questions that are like this are:

  • Will I like the ProGold or HD series?
  • What makes these two series different?
  • Am I willing to pay for those differences?

First, the technical question. What is it about them that makes their costs different? Open this link as your reference. As an example, we’ll use the High Definition HD650.2W vs. ProGold M65.1W. The HD650.2W gets rated on the site here for an index of 91/100. We’ll do the math ourselves for the M65.1W, looks like it comes in at: 71.5/100.

So what makes these products from each series different? The biggest difference is the materials that the drivers are made of. That’s the main reason for the index numbers being what they are. The HD series is comprised of a Kevlar woofer and a Titanium tweeter while the ProGold series is comprised of an aluminum-coated woofer and a synthetic soft dome tweeter (simulated silk). Note that materials are the main components on record for how a speaker will sound. The better the materials, the higher the cost.


Will I like the ProGold or HD series?

If you are really worried about this decision, we suggest that you listen to some speakers. Don’t look at the brand; listen to them. The one thing you can’t hear from a speaker is the brand name printed on it.

Once you find something you like, find out what it’s made out of. This is your baseline. You may be very pleased with a basic poly cone with a budget Mylar tweeter or you may realize where your tastes lie. And that may be something better. It will cost a little more, but with our stuff, you’ll realize that you’re paying less for better stuff. That’s the whole point of this exercise.

Learn more about the ProGold and the HD Speaker Series here:

inwallstore-progold-series-m651c2 inwallstore-hd-series-HD650_1C


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