Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

Product Kit Names from Portland Oregon

You might have noticed our home theater kits have some unusual “names” on them.  Well, they’re landmarks, neighborhoods and locations around my hometown (home metro area at least) of Portland, Oregon.

First of all, a little local knowledge if you happen to visit our fine state.  We pronounce Oregon as OR-eh-gun.  We made the list of 19 mispronounce places in the world!

We tried to line up the names with the type of system it might relate to.

Here are some links to our beautiful rainy city!

PDX Neighborhoods

Graphic Courtesy of Portland State University


The Pearl District

Pearl District

The Pearl District offers urban living at its finest. If you work downtown and enjoy city living, this is the place to be for an easy commute (walk or take the Portland Streetcar, light rail MAX train, or Tri Met bus to work and play). Located along the Willamette River downtown in an old warehouse district, the neighborhood offers a feeling of urban historic charm.

The bustling streets are lined with upscale shopping boutiques, art galleries, unique antique and home interior stores, and the requisite coffee shops and restaurants. There are urban parks and green spaces tucked amidst all this city bustle, and you’ll see children playing in the fountains, and little city dogs scampering through their concrete jungle. The neighborhood is certainly thriving.

Excerpt from PortlandNeighborhood.com/pearl

Our Best Selling In-Ceiling Theater Kit is “The Pearl”


Ultimate High Performance Audiophile Loudspeakers

Premium, luxury, preeminent, supreme, unparalleled, paramount, primo, leading, first-class, finest, precious, life-like, extravagant, etc.
The High Definition Series is simply the most we can get out of an inwall speaker without spending more than can be achieved for an inwall speaker application.



Cully Neighborhood

Cully Grove http://www.cullygrove.org A new multi-generational, solar-powered garden community in NE Portland

Cully is a culturally diverse urban neighborhood with a mix of commercial and residential development. There is a strong sense of community identity, and active neighborhood involvement in issues such as effectively addressing crime, traffic control, and generally improving the quality and livability of the area.

Cully offers many attractive homes, and given Portland’s rising home prices, still affords a good opportunity to families and individuals who want to live in a nice urban Portland neighborhood that isn’t too exorbitantly expensive.  Home styles in this area lean towards modest family homes like ranches and smaller Craftsman styles, and starter homes.

Excerpt courtesy of PortlandNeighborhood.com/cully

Our latest edition to InwallTech brand “The Cully”


Audiophile performance.  Blend in so well, you’ll have to point them out to your friends.

Recommended for use as left and right front channel speakers, stealth side or rear surround speakers in a ProTrim theater system setup, or for superior dynamics in practically invisible multi-zone music systems. Wafer thin mounting with a minimal-flange design means this speaker never attracts attention by its looks, only by its performance. Constructed of durable, moisture resistant materials, these speakers are safe for use in bathrooms, kitchens, saunas, or even under outdoor eaves.

Sellwood Neighborhood


Home of my favorite breakfast spot in Portland.  Bertie Lou’s. Their claim is “Portland’s Best Mediocre Breakfast”.  How can you argue that in any way??  But it’s really the best.  They’re so hip, they don’t even have a website.  And they’ll kick you out (they will ask you in the most PNW polite way of recommending you find a new place to go so that the people waiting can enjoy it as much as you have) if you’re on your second cup of coffee with empty plates.  Hey, I don’t mind, I agree, let others enjoy this gem!  On Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/bertie-lous-portland


Its own little municipality within the City of Portland, Sellwood-Moreland feels this way not just because its distinctive borders of the Willamette River to the west and McLoughlin Boulevard to the east fortify it, but because it was once incorporated as its own city (and ultimately annexed by the city six years later in 1893). Perched atop a bluff overlooking the Willamette, riverside you’ll find a two-mile section of the walking-jogging-cycling Springwater Corridor trail running the length of Sellwood’s western edge, along which sits both the century-old Oaks Park Amusement Park and Roller Rink, as well as 140 acres of wetlands and woodlands in the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge where more than 185 bird species make their nests or stop off during migration. Just up the hill you’ll find the nondenominational Oaks Pioneer Church, which, since 1851, is the “oldest Oregon church in continuous use” (and that includes river transport from St. Johns to its current locale), and the main drags of Tacoma, Milwaukie, and 13th (which turns the corner and becomes Bybee). Wandering along any of these, you’ll discover a self-contained community with its own retail boutiques, library, pet and garden supply stores, independent movie theater, barber shops, a selection of casual restaurants and cafes, and antique malls aplenty—plus secondhand shops like The Bins (Goodwill’s infamous bulk outlet where you pay for your treasure—or trash—by the pound). In the evening, you can even find live music on select nights—if you know where to look—and if not, take a tour of the local social scene by visiting the bevy of welcoming dive bars.

Excerpt courtesy of http://www.neighborhoodnotes.com/se/sellwoodmoreland/

One of our original Theater Kits “The Sellwood”



Use ProGold as main speakers or surrounds in a theater system, or put them throughout your house for whole house audio. InwallTech® Speakers deliver incredible sound to any room in your home without using any floor or shelf space. The speakers are easy to install, requiring only that you cut a hole, feed the wires through, and simply drop the speaker in, where it is held in place by rotating cams that safely secure the speaker with no extra assembly or mess. Once installed, the paint able grille and flange allows these in-wall speakers to virtually disappear in the room.

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