Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

One Pair or Two Pair of Speakers Question



The larger of the two rooms could use 2 pairs in there. I’d suggest you at least wire for two pair and maybe just cut in one set and see how it sounds to be safe.

I always use the analogy of the mom and pop grocery store for coverage issues. Many times in a small shop like that, there will be an inexpensive stereo near the counter playing “ambient” music. If the store is somewhat larger, they’ll turn it up so that it covers the whole store. But what happens is in the front of the store, it’s really quiet, and towards the back it’s too loud. They just need more speakers.

Same thing in a house setting.

See this for an article about pre-construction brackets:

And a great bang for the buck type speaker that we have are these:
These sound very good for the price.



@yahoo.com wrote:

> Name :
> Bruce R
> Message :
> I wish to install some ceiling speakers in two adjacent rooms. Room one has eleven foot ceilings and is roughly 20 x 25 the adjoining room has ten foot celings and is roughly 16 x 19. This not for surround sound but for just listening to music and background music reasons. Can I use two speakers per room?? Which ones do you suggest?? The rooms have not been sheetrocked yet. Do I install speakers before or after the sheetrook has been completed?

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