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Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

Old speaker wiring



The volume controls are mandatory in any installation. We don`t have volume controls that are mounted in the speakers, that’s kind of an old school type of commercial sound setup. They may still be around but unlikely.

You can make a bank of volume controls near your entertainment center if you still need to make volume adjustments. And by doing that you`d take care of your impedance matching dilemma with impedance matching volume controls.

Or you can get pre-made speaker selectors with volume controls built-in like this:
Phoenix Gold VSS4

I’d use your Onkyo amp for sure when powering this type of system.



> Name :
> Bob Sherman
> Message :
> I Blew It! …and need some help. Years ago, I prewired my new house with 16 gauge speaker wire (clear sheath)with the same wire going to each of the 5 bedrooms. I was just looking to have some background music (Christmas, Soft Rock, etc.) I haven`t been able to install the speakers since I could never find any with a built in volume control. At your site, I found speaker number ClearIW5C which will do just fine.
> 1. Can I hook these up in parallel with a impedance matching device?
> 2. Can I install some type of on-off switch at each speaker?
> 3. Can I install a small volume control at each speaker?
> I`d like to keep it as cheap as possible. I`ll be powering this with either a Bose Wave radio or more likely, from my Onkyo amplifier (if I can find an extra speaker output terminal I haven`t used yet).
> Thanks,
> Bob Sherman

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