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Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

Multi-zone Speaker Distribution Layout?



The type of system you need at this point will be determined with what type of wiring was installed. If you have just speaker wire run throughout, then you`ll be choosing a speaker distribution type setup with a speaker selector and volume controls and most likely just a single zone type system (same thing playing in all areas, not including the theater).

What you need for this type of system is (most often) a home theater receiver and a standard stereo receiver (for the background system). This way you don`t have to subject everybody to whatever is playing in the TV room. You hook up your theater system and use it just for that. Then use the stereo receiver for the rest. You share the sources thru Y-adapter cabling so you can have the CDs or whatever playing in both at the same time if you wish. The stereo receiver goes into a speaker selector, onto the volume controls then up to the speakers.

If you have a control wire in addition to your speaker wire run throughout, then you could select the multi-zone type system where you can listen to different things at the same time in different areas. This type of system starts with your theater receiver still as a dedicated room then the multi zone stuff here for the rest:

Hope that helps.



We just purchased a new home recently. The builder had the dining room, master bedroom, family room, and back porch wired. The home run wiring terminates at the family room where there are surround sound wiring in the ceilings. All other rooms are prewired for one pair of speakers and a volume control wiring.


What do I need in terms of equipment (volume controls, speaker selectors, amps, etc…) in order to take advantage of the wiring. Ultimately want music throughout all of these rooms with the ability to control each room`s volume. Would I need a special receiver that will require multi-zone capability or just speaker distribution type equipment?



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