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Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

JA Audio speakers specifications


Hey, Rick!

Thanks for the compliment.

To answer your questions:

1. We don`t publish the cut out dimensions of the speakers. We don`t want folks cutting out the holes before they get them and then change their minds. In general, the cut outs are about 11/4″ less than the overall dimensions we list.

2. All the speakers are paintable.

3. I would use the JACC5A LCR in all the positions. The JAI6A`s are a good choice also.

4. Shielded means that the speaker won`t have a magnetic field around it. That only comes into play when you have a tube type TV. Tube type TVs are affected by the magnetic fields and put a rainbow effect on the screen, eventually damaging the phosphor in the screen. The current types of viewing sources that aren`t affected are Plasma, LCD, DLP and Projectors.

5. The differences in volume controls are between impedance matching and non. Then high power and low powered versions and then style, slide vs. knob. It depends on your overall system as to which ones are best for you. Email back how your system lays out, how many rooms etc.

6. The subs we have match pretty well with our inwalls. Just look at spending about 1/2 of your overall price of the speakers you`re going to use for surround.



I’m interested in JA Audio speakers. what are the cut out sizes for: JAD6A dual voice,JA-16A, JA-CC5A. Are the grills and frame paintable? Which would you use for front JA-16A or JA EX-165, for center JA-CC5A or JA16A? What do you mean by “shielded”? Which volume control would you recommend for the daul voice speakers? I have Decora type switches. Are the sliding ones good? I also need a recommendation for a sub-woffer. The space I have is 17 1/2″ wide and 21″ high. How do JA Audio and JBL compare. The speakers I`m replacing are MTX 502 and 622 CM. The cut outs I have are close to what I wuold use if I went with JBL. Thanks!!! Great website.

Rick Garcia

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