Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

InwallTech® Speakers: What Do They Sound Like?


This has turned into the most asked question we get about InwallTech Speakers via chat, email, and by phone. To answer this question, let’s take a look at this illustration:



The image above provides a graphical comparison of two variables: the three InwallTech Speaker products that we have and the tree luxury car brands that the world knows. Let’s discuss the sound differences using two perspectives.




The ProGold Speaker series starts above the basic of speakers out there.  It’s a good all-around performer much like the popular basic Toyota Camry. The car model is a good fleet vehicle, is reliable, has good gas mileage – you name it.

The ProTrim Speaker series is like the loaded Camry. It’s pretty much the same car only that it looks better. This means that the ProTrim Speaker sounds a little better in the low end. And just like the loaded Camry, it looks nicer on you wall. With the trimless grill, it sets about 4 mm off the wall which means that it’s really flat.

The HD Speaker Series is the Lexus of the bunch.  Everything is better from the ground up and mass-produced. However, we’re guessing that you won’t pay for the luxury price tag that matches a Ferrari.




When it comes to speakers, we’ve found that buyers generally get a noticeable difference when the price increases to a certain point of diminishing returns. To illustrate, if you listen to a speaker that costs $50, you’ll know that there’s a certain quality to it.  However, you’ll start to wonder about that the deal is with the other speaker that costs $100. So you try it out and get this that-sounds-much-better type of feeling.

But your experience isn’t done yet. You notice as you check on other speakers from other brands that the price keeps moving up.  That’s the case with InwallTech Speakers. We’ve found that at a price of around $300 – $500, most of our customers start noticing the difference in sound quality.

At the $600-$800 mark, there are differences but are not as noticeable.  With such a subtle difference, you’re probably wondering why people still spend a little bit more. That’s because there are people who are highly sensitive to the different elements of sound. They’re called ‘audiophiles’ and really spend on specific products because they are aware of these subtleties.

We’ve met a lot of audiophiles, and they can really differentiate between the three speaker product series that we offer. You can check the specifications of the speaker products that we offer here:


inwallstore-M65_1C-5T inwallstore-TM6C-6T inwallstore-HD650_1C-8T

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