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Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

InwallTech® BT2 Wiring Deployment Options




The new Inwalltech BT2 Bluetooth volume control is a self contained ‘stereo in the wall’ device. It’s operation is wireless, but it has to get power converted from a standard wall outlet. This presents a challenge for a “clean” look, but if you’re clever, you can find many opportunities to hide the large transformer which is needed to provide the juice for full output of your speakers. Haven’t heard of it yet? It’s called the SmartVolume InwallTech® BT2.




This diagram shows that the wiring is done behind the wall to get wires from the power supply and also the speaker wires which need to attach to the actual speakers in the wall or ceiling for a permanent mounting solution.



So you can see that we have includes a separate power port to make the transition into the wall and onto the back of the main volume control unit.  The wire behind the wall needs to meet the amperage requirement of the power supply based on distance.

The device will pull 3 amps continuous with some peaks at 5 amps if fully driven.  You can see with that chart that the best option is to keep your runs under 100 feet. If it’s longer, you need to go with a 14 gauge wire.  Using an 18 gauge is pretty limiting under 20 ft, while a 16 gauge will be the most common wire used in the typical American house.

The idea is to locate the BT1 volume knob near the area where you’re going to want sound as the wiring for the speakers will be closer and the Bluetooth transmission range will be essentially wishing that room or at the most one room over before dropping the connection because of signal strength loss.  Figure about 30 feet within the house.




Since you now know the distance parameters of the wire that goes inside the wall, you can get creative on where to run that wire to a convenient power outlet. Here are some ideas on where to instruct the electrician to install a 120v outlet:



The location for the volume control is most likely going to be by the opening to the room near where the light switches will be placed.  An idea at pre-wire could be:

  • Under cabinet where the stovetop is installed
  • On top of the cabinet if you have an open ceiling design
  • Inside cabinet of vent over the stovetop
  • Under the sink using the garbage disposal circuit. You can mount the power supply up and off the bottom in case of water leakage from sink
  • Behind the refrigerator
  • Under an installed desk feature


Dining Rooms

  • See above for all options nearby
  • Possible closet nearby, install higher underneath a top shelf
  • Could be behind hanging coats
  • Near lower doors of china cabinet with concealed doors



  • Closets are actually a great place to conceal the actual volume control.  It doesn’t have to be visible in the bedroom and will operate via Bluetooth from the other side of the wall location.
  • Inside closets concealed by hangers or behind doors
  • Inside lower vanity cabinets
  • Inside or beside night stands



  • Inside lower vanity cabinets
  • Adjacent hallway closets up on higher shelves
  • All the bedroom options above for adjacent rooms



  • You can put it anywhere


Patios, Decks, and Pool Areas

  • Refrain from putting any of the electronics outdoors
  • Most often an outdoor area that opens from the kitchen
  • Pool pump houses


Central areas for most houses run all DC power wires here

  • Utility rooms.  Design a cabinet for all the power supplies
  • Garages. No cosmetic concerns about multiple power supplies
  • Communication hubs.  Design a power management area
  • Security System hubs. Usually within a closet or dedicated area for wiring
  • Attic spaces are possible but consider heat build up as a failure point for the power supply

There are lots of places to get creative so that you can enjoy carefree wireless Bluetooth music sending those good vibes all over the house. Click here to view the full product description for the SmartVolume InwallTech BT2.

Bernard Hermant

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