Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

Dual volume control switch



The best way to control two pairs of speakers is to use a dual gang outlet and have two volume controls in there with a decora cover plate to finish.

If you use just one volume control (which you can do), you end up having a bottle neck there in relation to your other volume controls in the house. You also run into the bottle neck of having to abide by the power handling of the volume control. If it’s your only area then I’d suggest an impedance matching version with higher power handling like this one: https://www.inwallstore.com/vc200dopt.html



> Name :
> darren
> Message :
> Is there a `dual` volume control switch?? … the only type I can seem to find is for a single set of speakers…
> thanks

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