Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

Meet Brian Kruse, InwallStore Owner


Hi! I suppose I have to introduce myself with this one:

I’m Brian Kruse, and I’m the principal owner of Inwallstore.com, as well as IWT Mfg., LLC dba InwallTech.

I’ve been interested in electronics for as long as I can remember.  I’ve also been what some folks call a natural sales person.  But deeper than that, I’m a teacher.  I love to help people find what they need.  It just happens that I get to combine two of my favorites into one with these businesses.

Many of my past customers will attest to the painful fact that I’m not going to give you my opinion on what you should buy.  I’ll help you by listening to what you like and what you don’t to point you in the right direction.  I’ll help correct mistaken ‘helpful’ advice from the social electronic community to find a solution that works for you.  Some folks don’t like that up front but later realize that I’m on their team.

My history goes something like this:

  • Really young age: tearing things apart like clocks (sorry, Mom)
  • Pre-10 years old: assimilating Radio Shack catalogs
  • 13 years old: Ham Radio Licensee
  • 13 years old: installed CB radio-based station with roof antenna
  • 13 years old: convinced my sister that I could shock her over the phone from my neighbor’s house as I pressed a certain button (sorry, Steph)
  • 15 years old: bought my first album called ‘Escape’ by the band, Journey
  • Fell madly in love with music from then on
  • 16 years old: built my first PA speaker
  • 17 years old: began my first mobile DJ business called Krusin’ Sounds
  • 17 years old: built my own lighting and lighting control panel for DJ work
  • 18 years old: built second set of all the DJ equipment for two shows per night; hired my first employee
  • Played a lot of B-52’s and songs from Animal House soundtrack for the great students of the University of Oregon which was where the film was based for another 5 years
  • 22 years old: began working my first retail job at the University of Oregon Bookstore’s electronics department
  • Promoted to buyer of Audio, Car Audio and Blank tape categories.  We were the largest buyer of blank tape in the NW!
  • 25 years old: took a job Portland-based consumer electronics distributor
  • 27 years old: tried a manufacturer’s rep position for a firm that represented a dozen or so line (didn’t like it)
  • 29 years old: took a job with an established consumer electronics distributor in Portland
  • September 1998 – 2014: established Inwall Audio/Video and Networking, Inc.
  • Installed custom home electronics, network wiring, and satellite dishes
  • 2001: patented a window mount suction cup style mounting for mini dishes called Onglass
  • 2003: began selling inwall speakers as an online reseller
  • 2008: ordered first inwall speakers from China
  • 2014: Established IWT Mfg., LLC

My passion now lies in introspective work of myself.  I blog under my name briankruse.com.  I plan to explore learning the tough questions of ‘who am I?,’ ‘why are we here?,’ and ‘what’s my purpose?.’  I’ve studied and am now a licensed practitioner for a method of helping others overcome their un-true negative identities called the Mace Energy Method.

My interests with my daily life is enjoying being a parent to an early teenager and seeing that soul come into the world.  I really like competitive bowling, sand volleyball, water skiing and the newest: road cycling!

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