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Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

A and B Speaker Setup



Your system will work in either A OR B but probably not both A+B at the same time. Many times a receiver will be wired in “series” type wiring when using A+B. That may or may not work when you`re wiring up volume controls in
the manner you described.

If you want to run this system with all the speakers on at once, you be best off using another receiver hooked up to your whole house system, then hooking up the common sources with y-adapters to both receivers.



Name :

> Kris Weedo
> Message :
> I am doing a hookup job where there is 4 rooms with a pair of ceiling speakers in each room with impedance matching volume controls, and the living room has 4 inwall spkers (left, right, right surr.,left surr.). It was prewired where the 4 rooms with the ceiling spkrs and volume controls come out into one 16-4 wire (they either twisted all the reds together and wirenutted, all the whites together etc., or maybe the used a spkr dist. wall panel, but I dont see one. Anyway, my question is, after making sure the impendance on all volume controls match at 4X assuming 8 ohm spkrs and an 8 ohm receiver, can I wire this 16-4 wire to the B speakers on a Kenwood 100×7 receiver that has K-stat discrete amplifiers? Or in other words, will the B speaker selection have enough power to push the 4 rooms w/ in-ceiling spkers? I plan on using the A left and right to connect the spkrs in the living room and a center and the surrounds for a 5.1 system in living room. If the B wont pu
sh these spkers, then I was going to get a Monster 4 spkr switch and hook it all up using the A left and right spkrs. I appreciate your response as I have found you guys to have the most knowledgeable sight on the web! Thanks!

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