Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003

Factory Direct Saves Over "Known" Brands Since 2003


Preference® Speakers from OEM Systems, Inc.Get ready to be soothed away and blown away and knocked off your feet! Coming from 25 years ago, culminating today with this tremendous brand of speakers, you’ll be the most satisfied music listener of your time. Coming from the roots of European and American engineering we’re proud to introduce Preference® as our premium brand of inwall/ceiling speakers. There are a lot of obstacles to overcome in a truly GREAT home theater or music system installed IN WALLS. One of the most impressive design features that Preference did first thing is their “Ribbed” Baffle design in all of their wall versions. They coin the phrase “Accurate Imaging Baffles” (AIB). This technique overcomes one of the biggest downfalls in our industry…the wall itself. IT’S MADE OF COMPRESSED CHAULK for Pete’s Sake! You need a sturdy platform from which to even START thinking about making good sound. This ribbed feature really makes a difference in the tightness and clarity of the low end. This is the very foundation that needs to be in place before even mentioning the type of drivers or crossover that you put in the speaker array. This is the first of many SMART DESIGNS that you’re going to find in Preference® Speakers!Their mounting mechanism is different also. On all the wall mount versions you’ll find NO DOG EARS! This performance feature costs a little more in parts, but steadily contributes to the overall superior design of Preference® speakers. CLAMP-RING MOUNTING distributes the clamping force over a larger surface area behind the wall. This helps eliminate flexing of the drywall, again enhancing the quality of bass that begins with the foundation of the speaker mount. These come PRE-ASSEMBLED for EASY installation.NOW THE SPEAKERS!Kevlar® WoofersThe strength of Kevlar® helps the cone retain its shape at very high energy levels and its low mass assures quick, accurate response. The cone’s woven surface delivers smooth, uncolored mids. The kapton voice coil former and butyl rubber surround ensure that these woofers will provide years of consistent, reliable performance. usually capable of producing more bass. Tetoron® Soft Dome Pivoting Tweeters Tetoron® soft dome tweeters deliver natural, uncolored high frequency audio evenly over a wide dispersion pattern. Ferro Fluid is used in the voice coil gap to lubricate and cool it. This significantly increases power handling and improves transient response. The pivoting feature allows the already wide dispersion pattern to be aimed directly at the central seating/listening area delivering a seamless, transparent and coherent sound space. Phase Plug Technology In any conventional loudspeaker, the highest frequencies of audio emanate from the area around the center of the cone and the lower frequencies are produced by the area of the cone that is farther from the center. In fact, the distance from the center at which a sound wave will come off a loudspeaker cone is directly related to its frequency. This helps explain why larger cone loudspeakers are usually capable of producing more bass. Due to the shape of the conventional loudspeaker cone, the higher frequency sound waves tend to collide at a focal point. This causes phase distortion and a loss in clarity. As a result, accuracy and transparency suffer. This also has detrimental effects on the realism of the sound environments created by today’s high fidelity digital audio and surround sound systems. The phase plug pole piece extension improves driver performance and clarity by deflecting delicate midrange audio out into the sound space and minimizing distortion producing collisions.

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